Herpa Wings 1:500 Scale

Accessory sets

The matching accessories for your die cast metal airplanes in 1:500 scale.

Item Number Buildings & Ground mats Price   Photo Order On-Line
HE534734 Frankfort Airport Terminal 1:
Build your own true-to-scale and authentically detailed model of this well-known element of Frankfurt’s Terminal 1! In addition to the cardboard construction sheets and small plastic parts for the jetways, this set includes a highly-detailed base plate as well as an extensive instruction booklet, making it easy to get started, even without prior model-building experience. With overall dimensions of 40 by 40 cm (15.7 by 15.7 in) this stand-alone setting has parking-positions for five aircraft, including one gate equipped for the Airbus A380.
Airplanes and tarmac sold separately!

HE520362 Airport basic set 1:
The set contains more than 350 components. Includes a terminal building, lamps, gangways, light elements, tunnel gateways for the Skytrain. This new set is part of a complex system that is to be completed by further accessories and ground foils over the years to come.
Airplanes and tarmac sold separately! 
 $234.95 520362.jpg (34338 bytes)

HE519762 Airport Hanger
Airplane sold separately!
 $42.95 519762hanger.jpg (35999 bytes)

Airport Main building

[1 closed & 1 w/recess for jet way]

Regular $36.95 - now $12.95
$12.95 519625.jpg (57759 bytes)

HE519823 Round Departure building
[left & right buildings includes 1 jet way]
$44.95 519823.jpg (54801 bytes)

HE519649 Airport Departure building
[with 1 recess  each for jet ways]
$32.95 519649.jpg (40078 bytes)

Airport Departure building
[without recess  for jet ways]

Regular $26.95 - now $9.95
$9.95 519656.jpg (45060 bytes)

Airport Corner building
[left & right buildings]

Regular $29.95 - now $9.95
$9.95 519632.jpg (49511 bytes)

Swimming Pool/Tennis Court

2 units each set
Regular $12.95 - now $8.95 only 1 unit left
$8.95 520379.jpg (54114 bytes)


Item Number Accessories Price Photo Order On-Line
HE532662 A380 Catering Truck - 1 vehicle $29.95 532662.jpg (17311 bytes)

HE530507 Passenger Stairs - set of 6, adjustable $20.95 530507.jpg (69245 bytes)

HE521024 Display Stands - 4 stands $12.95 521024.jpg (24904 bytes)

HE520638 Containers - This set contains four tractors (two with and two without roof) and six containers in various sizes $29.95 520638.jpg (29422 bytes)

HE519472a Airport Accessories #1 new colors $43.95 519472a.jpg (35854 bytes)

HE521031 Jet bridges (2 jet bridges that can be placed side by side) $28.95 521031.jpg (49246 bytes)

HE520621 Container Loader - contains two highly-detailed, imprinted container loading vehicles $19.95 520621.jpg (108726 bytes)

Apron Palm trees

Regular $15.95 - now $8.95

Apron Boarding Stations

Regular $15.95 - now $8.95 only 1 unit left
$8.95 520553.jpg (17737 bytes)

HE519670 Airport Control tower $29.95 519670.jpg (38110 bytes)

Set includes 5 airport jet ways.
[Accessory 5]

Regular $24.95 - now $9.95
 $9.95 ACC5-519694.jpg (11192 bytes)


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