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Adorable, soft plush toy airplanes that have a engine sound when you squeeze them. Great for all ages! Each are 6 1/2 in. long with an 8 in. wingspan.

Item Number Airline/Aircraft Price Photo Order On-Line
MT002-1  Air Force One  $11.95 mt002.jpg (60961 bytes)

MT004-1 American  $11.95 MT004-1.jpg (36483 bytes)

MT005 Delta  $11.95 MT005.jpg (283555 bytes)

MT003 Space Shuttle  $11.95 mt003.jpg (45413 bytes)

MT011-1 Southwest  $11.95 MT011-1.jpg (201827 bytes)

MT008n United  $11.95 MT008N.jpg (39408 bytes)

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Last modified: September 29, 2018