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Diecast toy airplanes with runways for hours of fun. Great for ages 4+.

Item Number Airline/Aircraft Price Photo Order On-Line
HW12101  X-36  $6.95  

HW12106 B-1 Lancer bomber  $6.95

HW12107 F-20 Tigershark  $6.95

HW14101 F-14 Tomcat [show markings]  $6.95  

HW14103 F-117  $6.95

HW14104 F-22 Raptor  $6.95  

HW14107 F-18 Blue Angel  $6.95

HW14110 F-15 Eagle  $6.95

HW14111 AH-64 Apache Helicopter  $6.95

HW14113 B-2 Spirit  $6.95

HW14114 SR-71 Blackbird  $6.95

HW14115 F-14 Tomcat [military marking]  $6.95

HW16101 Straight Runway 4 pc.  $6.95

HW16102 Runway Intersection  $6.95

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Last modified: July 25, 2016