Herpa Wings 1:500 Scale


Item Number Aircraft Price


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HE523653 Aeroflot MD-11F  $38.95 523653.jpg (21394 bytes)

HE527729 KLM MD-11

HE503310 LTU MD-11
1 unit available, then sold out / discontinued

HE529723 LTU MD-11
Lands in 2017  - Pre Order Today!
 $44.95 529723.jpg (78346 bytes)

HE503570 Lufthansa MD-11F  $31.95 503570.jpg (26450 bytes)

HE526104 Lufthansa MD-11F
Aktion Deutschland Hilft
 $45.95 526104.jpg (15712 bytes)

HE503570-003 Lufthansa MD-11F  $42.95 526104.jpg (15712 bytes)

HE529730 Martinair Cargo MD-11
Lands in 2017  - Pre Order Today!
 $44.95 529730.jpg (20873 bytes)

HE528108 UPS MD-11F  $42.95 528108.jpg (76537 bytes)


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