Herpa Wings 1:500 Scale




Item Number Airline Price   Photo Order On-Line
HE526265 Air Canada CRJ-705  $34.95 526265.jpg (12209 bytes)

HE529785 Air Norstum/Iberia CRJ-900
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 $29.95 529785.jpg (12449 bytes)

HE523943 Air Norstum/Iberia CRJ-900  $28.95 523943.jpg (18122 bytes)

HE528856 American CRJ-900  $32.95 528856.jpg (16066 bytes)

HE524001 Libyan CRJ-900  $28.95 524001.jpg (16974 bytes)

HE523523 Pluna CRJ-900  $29.95 523523.jpg (14366 bytes)

HE527446 Pluna CRJ-900 red  $32.95 527446.jpg (17676 bytes)

HE527620 Pluna CRJ-900 blue  $29.95 527620.jpg (56139 bytes)


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