Herpa Wings 1:500 Scale

Accessory sets

The matching accessories for your die cast metal airplanes in 1:500 scale.

Item Number Buildings & Ground mats Price   Photo Order On-Line
HE516792 Complete Airport Set 1:
With this new set, Herpa provides all the accessories for a stand-alone airport diorama. It contains a tower (519670), five gangways (519694), two departure halls (519649 and 519823), ten floodlight pylons (520171), and an airport foil sized 40 by 60 centimeters. The apron features parking positions for twelve model airplanes in the 1/500 scale.
Airplanes sold separately! 
 $164.95 516792.jpg (37358 bytes)

516792a.jpg (33348 bytes)

HE524025 Scenix Airport Memmingen:
Become your own 1/500 scale airport manager. We release this set of the Bavarian regional airport Memmingen as new type. The building features filigree details like the prominent support beams or the transparent window elements and is already assembled. Also included: A sturdy foil featuring an apron and road access which can be creatively enhanced with the Herpa accessories sets. 
Airplanes sold separately! 
 $104.95 524025.jpg (20505 bytes)524025a.jpg (22315 bytes)

HE520362 Airport basic set 1:
The set contains more than 350 components. Includes a terminal building, lamps, gangways, light elements, tunnel gateways for the Skytrain. This new set is part of a complex system that is to be completed by further accessories and ground foils over the years to come.
Airplanes and tarmac sold separately! 
 $189.95 520362.jpg (34338 bytes)

HE519762 Airport Hanger
Airplane sold separately!
 $34.95 519762hanger.jpg (35999 bytes)

HE519625 Airport Main building
[1 closed & 1 w/recess for jet way]
$32.95 519625.jpg (57759 bytes)

HE519823 Round Departure building
[left & right buildings includes 1 jet way]
$38.95 519823.jpg (54801 bytes)

HE519649 Airport Departure building
[with 1 recess  each for jet ways]
$26.95 519649.jpg (40078 bytes)

HE519656 Airport Departure building
[without recess  for jet ways]
$26.95 519656.jpg (45060 bytes)

HE519632 Airport Corner building
[left & right buildings]
$21.95 519632.jpg (49511 bytes)

HE526852 Cargo Terminal Cardboard Model
Divided onto four cardboard sheets, this set includes all you need to build an office as well as two freight buildings. Up to four smaller or two larger freight aircraft can be parked on the included, highly detailed, tarmac. A special diagonal parking position for the AN-225 has also been incorporated. Dimensions of the ground foil and plate: 32 x 32 cm / 12.6 by 12.6 in.
$45.95 526852.jpg (21624 bytes)

HE519847 Cargo Center buildings $39.95

HE520379 Swimming Pool/Tennis Court
2 units each
$12.95 520379.jpg (54114 bytes)

HE520546 Palm Trees
12 units


Item Number Accessories Price Photo Order On-Line
HE532662 A380 Catering Truck - 1 vehicle $29.95 532662.jpg (17311 bytes)

HE530507 Passenger Stairs - set of 6, adjustable $20.95 530507.jpg (69245 bytes)

HE521024 Display Stands - 4 stands $10.95 521024.jpg (24904 bytes)

HE526913 Presidential Motorcade - 4 vehicles $22.95

HE520638 Containers - This set contains four tractors (two with and two without roof) and six containers in various sizes $25.95 520638.jpg (29422 bytes)

HE521017 Amsterdam Bus Set (4 pcs) $31.95 521017.jpg (20842 bytes)

HE519472 Airport Accessories #1 Scenic series $27.95 519472.jpg (31338 bytes)

HE519472a Airport Accessories #1 new colors $27.95 519472a.jpg (35854 bytes)

HE521031 Jet bridges (2 jet bridges that can be placed side by side) $24.95 521031.jpg (49246 bytes)

HE520621 Container Loader - contains two highly-detailed, imprinted container loading vehicles $16.95 520621.jpg (108726 bytes)

HE520553 Apron Boarding Stations $15.95 520553.jpg (17737 bytes)

HE519670 Airport Control tower $26.95 519670.jpg (38110 bytes)

HE519694 Set includes 5 airport jet ways.
[Accessory 5]
 $21.95 ACC5-519694.jpg (11192 bytes)

HE519724 Set includes fire trucks, stair towers and trucks, 18 pieces total.
[Accessory 6]
 $23.95 ACCVI-519724.jpg (42570 bytes)

HE519786 Set includes 2 double jet ways & 2 single jet ways.
[Accessory 8]
 $15.95 519786.jpg (49737 bytes)


Item Number ICE Inter City Express Train   Price   Photo Order On-Line
HE520218 ICE train station accessories:
platform (2), station concourse (2), station concourse (2), connecting pins (10)
ICE train sold separately! 
 $13.95 520218.jpg (49874 bytes)

HE520225 ICE train track accessories:
curved tracks (32), connecting pins (34)
ICE train sold separately! 
 $15.95 520225.jpg (58659 bytes)


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