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Herpa Wings 1:400 Scale


Die cast metal airplanes in 1:400 scale. Printed with ink - not decals! Great detail.

Item Number Airline/Aircraft Price Photo Order On-Line
HE561662 Airport Tractor Set $34.95 561662.jpg (228922 bytes)

HE560948 Airport Accessory Set 1
Gangway, passenger stairs large and small, bus, tank truck, fire engine, catering vehicle, police van, follow me bus, tractor with luggage vehicles 

HE562461 Airport Tractor Set (4 units) $34.95 562461.jpg (21817 bytes)

HE562485 Catering Trucks (2 units) $18.95 562485.jpg (55808 bytes)

HE562409 Airport Bus Set (4 buses) $35.95 562409.jpg (23443 bytes)

HE560931 Various People
Each set contains 32 people of various descriptions, among them figures of pilots, ground controllers, passengers, and construction site workers.

HE562652 Aeromexico ERJ-170 $53.95 562652.jpg (11514 bytes)

HE562287 Antonov 225
The biggest flying aircraft in the world today!
$79.95 562287.jpg (16391 bytes)

HE561990 Cathy Pacific CV-880 $78.95 561990.jpg (20663 bytes)

HE560757 Delta Airlines A310-300 oc $37.95 560757.jpg (48384 bytes)

HE560276 Delta Airlines 777-200 1999 livery $33.95 560276dl777sc400.jpg (34670 bytes)

HE562249 Flying Bulls DC-6B $46.95

HE562621 HOP! ERJ-170 $53.95 562621.jpg (20300 bytes)

HE562492 Lufthansa A340-600
 $68.95 562492.jpg (46305 bytes)

HE561068 Lufthansa A380-800
reg. D-AIMA 
 $59.95 561068.jpg (58392 bytes)

HE562423 Lufthansa A380-800
reg. D-AIMB Bayern
 $68.95 561068.jpg (58392 bytes)

HE562508 NASA TU-144LL $53.95 562508.jpg (13183 bytes)

HE562645 S7 ERJ-170 $53.95 562645.jpg (10234 bytes)

HE560771 Swissair A310-200 $29.95 560771.jpg (46967 bytes)

HE562584 United Express ERJ-170 $46.95 562584.jpg (30876 bytes)

HE562140 Western Pacific 737-300
"Spirit of Durango"
$36.95 562140.jpg (34904 bytes)


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