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Die cast metal airplanes in 1:400 scale. Printed with ink - not decals.

The BEST detail of any die cast on the market.



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 787-9 Retro livery

   747-8F opening nose door


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 787-9 Retro livery





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   Air Force One 747-8i


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Item Number


Price Photo Order On-Line

2019 Airport Terminal - 1:400 scale
GeminiJets, the world’s leading brand of collectable die-cast airplane models, introduces an all-new 1:400-scale deluxe airport terminal. Pre-constructed of durable resin and easy to set up, the new terminal measures more than 54” (137cm) in length. Two sturdy, rectangular sections fit snugly together to form the primary portion of the structure and each end is capped with an attractive terminal rotunda. In all, 22 gates and jet bridges line the entire perimeter.

Based on modern, contemporary airports, the new GeminiJets terminal features sweeping corrugated overhangs and sleek, linear facades. Wrap-around windows and battery-operated interior and rooftop LED lighting add realism and bring the terminal to life. When fully lit, the airport looks spectacular for those overnight arrivals and departures! The set also comes with stickers for customizing gates with the official logos of several of the world’s major airlines.

Two years in the making, the new GeminiJets terminal is designed for use with GeminiJets’ wide range of precision 1:400-scale models. The terminal comes in a full-color carry-case measuring 19” x 15” x 11” (48cm x 38cm x 28cm).


oversize shipping charge will be applied

GJARPTC1.jpg (817979 bytes)

GJARPTC2.jpg (826618 bytes)

GJARPTC3.jpg (816184 bytes)

GJARPTC5.jpg (798012 bytes)




2019 Airport Mat Set #2 - 1:400 scale
Made of heavy-duty polyurethane, the sections feature a runway, taxiways, gate markings and designated terminal space. Plus, the mats are reversible and give collectors the opportunity to double the size of their layouts with a parallel second runway! And, by adding a second new GeminiJets terminal, the gates and jet bridges increase to a total of 44 positions – making an impressive airport diorama twice as impressive! Dimensions of the assembled mat are approximately 74¼ x 54¼ inches. 


oversize shipping charge will be applied






Airport Terminal - 1:400 scale
This new terminal (GJARPTB) and mat (GJAPS006, sold separately) features a more complete airport display including an airside area featuring 5 narrowbody gates, 2 widebody gates, and regional jet parking ramp parking. Additional features include a full-scale multi-level arrivals and departures landside area with elevated roadway and car park. Surrounding the car park area is a full service airport access roadway system. Dimensions of this new assembly are approximately 39¼ x 54½ in.

This new compact terminal and mat set can be used in conjunction with the recently released Airport Mat Expansion Set (GJAPS005) for those who want an expanded facility. The expanded format will be able to accommodate the Widebody Aircraft Hangar (GJWBHGR) and future planned accessories. The combined expanded assembly measures approximately 77 x 54½ in.

- Pre-constructed single piece contemporary airport terminal.
- Resin construction for high durability.
- Includes 7 moveable passenger air-bridges.
- Airline/corporate logo stickers for customizing air-bridges.
- Interior/rooftop multicolored LED lighting.
- Realistic authentic detailed graphics.
- Multi-level arrivals/departures roadway system.


oversize shipping charge will be applied

GJA1.jpg (220254 bytes)

GJA2.jpg (84412 bytes)

GJA3.jpg (171532 bytes)

GJA4.jpg (154743 bytes)




Airport Mat Set #2 - 1:400 scale
NEW VERSION+++At GeminiJets, we listen to the feedback from our customers on all of our products. Despite the overwhelming success of our initial Airport Terminal (GJARPTA) and mat set (GJAPS004), many customers expressed concern regarding space limitations due to the large footprint of the setup. For this reason, we are introducing a new, more compact version of both the Terminal and Mat Set in order to satisfy this demand. 

This new terminal (GJARPTB) and mat (GJAPS006, sold separately) features a more complete airport display including an airside area featuring 5 narrowbody gates, 2 widebody gates, and regional jet parking ramp parking. Additional features include a full-scale multi-level arrivals and departures landside area with elevated roadway and car park. Surrounding the car park area is a full service airport access roadway system. Dimensions of this new assembly are approximately 39¼ x 54½ inches. 

This new compact terminal and mat set can be used in conjunction with the recently released Airport Mat Expansion Set (GJAPS005) for those who want an expanded facility (see expanded photos below). The expanded format will be able to accommodate the Widebody Aircraft Hangar (GJWBHGR) and future planned accessories. The combined expanded assembly measures approximately 77 x 54½ inches


oversize shipping charge will be applied


GJAPS006new.jpg (62414 bytes)






Airport Mat Expansion Set - 1:400 scale
Designed to be used in conjunction with the previous airport mat set (GJAPS004), this addition features 3 new panels providing valuable space for additional aircraft parking, our new widebody aircraft hangar (GJWBHGR), and other future airport accessories from GeminiJets. The expansion set (Mat Set B1) lays partially over the original mat set, eliminating some of the current areas of the existing mat, including the water, beach, taxiways, and runway 27R. The new expansion also expands the overall size of the display by about 12 inches laterally. For those that want to retain the existing dimensional shape, the new mats can easily be cut to size. In addition to Mat Set B1, the reverse side now features a 1:200 scale parking apron and is identified as Mat Set B2.

$84.95 GJAPS005.jpg (18209 bytes)  



Wide Body Airport Hanger - 1:400 scale
Constructed of heavy-duty resin, this product is the first in a series of new accessories and structures to be added to the GeminiJets airport display. The Wide-Body Hangar is capable of housing one 747/A380 sized aircraft, or multiple narrow-body types (737/757/A320/etc.).
 GJhangar2.jpg (106495 bytes) GJhangar3.jpg (123767 bytes) GJhangar4.jpg (114979 bytes) GJhangar6.jpg (138056 bytes)



GJhangar1.jpg (102834 bytes)




GJARPT SET A 14 pc. Ground Accessory Set  $29.95 GJARPTSETA.jpg (52533 bytes)

GJARBRDG1 Airbridge Set 1
- 6 narrow body bridges
 $24.95 GJARBRDG1.jpg (103111 bytes)

GJARBDG2 Airbridge Set 2
- 3 double wide body bridges
 $24.95 GJARBRDG2.jpg (158959 bytes)

GJ1828 Aircraft Maintenance Scaffolding
(aircraft model NOT included)
 $36.95 GJ1828.jpg (450203 bytes)

GJSTD777 Chrome Display Stand  $9.95 GJ777.jpg (19667 bytes)


US Airways Cobus 3000
Company bus (4 units)

 $33.95 GJ1533.jpg (99166 bytes)

GJ1534 US Airways Cobus 3000
Company bus Greener (4 units)
 $33.95 GJ1534.jpg (104090 bytes)


Item Number Airline/Aircraft Price Photo Order On-Line
GJ1852 Aer Lingus A320 $38.95 GJ1852.jpg (199860 bytes)

GJ1894 Aer Lingus A321neo $38.95

GJ1853 Aer Lingus A330-300 $45.95 GJ1853.jpg (194690 bytes)

GJ1885 Aer Lingus RJ-85 2019 livery $34.95 GJ1885.jpg (172198 bytes)

GJ1497 Aeroflot A321  $38.95 GJ1497.jpg (548824 bytes)

GJ1943 Aeroflot A350-900
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJ1323 Aerolineas Argentinas A330-200 $34.95 GJ1323.jpg (98467 bytes)

GJ1715 Aeromexico 737 MAX8 reg. XA-MAG $38.95 GJ1715.jpg (437442 bytes)

GJ1669 Aeromexico 787-9 
Quetzalcoatl livery
$48.95 GJ1669.jpg (190384 bytes)

GJ1194 Aerosucre 727-200F $38.95 GJ1194.jpg (195558 bytes)

GJ1436 Air Arabia A320  $38.95 GJ1436.jpg (548562 bytes)

GJ1684 Air Astana 757-200  $39.95 GJ1684.jpg (465748 bytes)

GJ1616 Air Asia A320neo  $36.95 GJ1616.jpg (501900 bytes)

GJ1839 Air Baltic A220-300 Latvia 100 $38.95 GJ1839.jpg (188490 bytes)

GJ512 Airborne YS-11 $29.95 GJ512.jpg (48175 bytes)

GJ1554 Air Bridge Cargo 747-8F  $54.95 GJ1554.jpg (224371 bytes)

GJ758 Air Cal Bae 146  $29.95 GJ758.jpg (54679 bytes)

GJ059 Air Calin A330-200 $31.95 GJ059.jpg (173659 bytes)

GJ1733 Air Canada A220-300  $38.95

GJ1737 Air Canada A330-300  $43.95 GJ1737.jpg (381155 bytes)

GJ1773 Air Canada 777-300ER reg. C-FITU  $48.95 GJ1773.jpg (496959 bytes)

GJ1572 Air Canada 787-8 reg. C-GHPU  $45.95 GJ1441.jpg (519650 bytes)

GJ1862 Air Canada CRJ-200 2017 livery  $34.95

GJ1870 Air Canada ERJ-175  $34.95 GJ1870.jpg (184172 bytes) 

GJ1775 Air Canada Q-400  $34.95 GJ1775.jpg (461648 bytes)

GJ1706 Air China 737 MAX 8  $38.95 GJ1706.jpg (537509 bytes)

GJ1752 Air China A320neo  $37.95 GJ1752.jpg (258599 bytes)

GJ1748 Air China A350-900  $48.95 GJ1748.jpg (263060 bytes)

GJ005 Air China 747-400  $39.95 airchina2.jpg (13237 bytes)

GJ052 Air Force One 707-353B Reg. 27000 $44.95 

GJ1208 Air Force One 747-200 Reg. 28000 $51.95 

GJ1438 Air Force One 747-200 Reg. 29000 $51.95 

GJ1913 Air Force One 747-8i Reg. 38000 $59.95 

GJ1883 Air France A350-900  Reg. F-HTYA  $49.95 GJ1883.jpg (183718 bytes)

GJ1861 Air France A380  Reg. F-HPJC  $58.95 GJ1861.jpg (198848 bytes)

GJ1860 Air France 777-300ER  $48.95 GJ1860.jpg (177178 bytes)

GJ1602 Air France 787-9  $46.95

GJ1638 Air India 747-400  $52.95 GJ1638.jpg (400848 bytes)

GJ700 Air Malawi VC-10  $31.95 GJ700.jpg (176104 bytes)

GJ1604 Air Mauritius A350-900  $47.95 GJ1604.jpg (463279 bytes)

GJ796 Air Pacific 737-800  $29.95 GJ796.jpg (153102 bytes)

GJ1685 TAP Air Portugal A330-200 retro $43.95 GJ1685.jpg (486993 bytes)

GJ1697 TAP Air Portugal A330-200
Portugal Stopover
$43.95 GJ1697.jpg (503999 bytes)

GJ1782 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 $48.95 GJ1782.jpg (456032 bytes)

GJ1387 Air Tran 737-700W  $30.95 GJ1387a.jpg (303746 bytes)

GJ1744 Air Transat A330-200  $36.95 GJ1744.jpg (195629 bytes)

GJ760 Air Wisconsin Bae-146  $29.95 GJ760.jpg (142082 bytes)

GJ1851 Alaska A319  $38.95 GJ1851.jpg (188226 bytes)

GJ1855 Alaska A321neo  $38.95 GJ1855.jpg (179557 bytes) 

GJ165 Alaska 727-100 "Prospector" livery  $30.95 GJ165.jpg (357300 bytes)

GJ1873 Alaska 737 MAX 9  $39.95 GJ1873.jpg (198920 bytes)

GJ1871 Alaska 737-700  $38.95 GJ1871.jpg (173884 bytes)

GJ539 Alaska CV-990
"Golden Nugget" livery
 $34.95 GJ539.jpg (65237 bytes)

GJ1879 Alaska dash-8-Q400
Horizon Air 1981 retro livery
 $34.95 GJ1879.jpg (368594 bytes)

GJ974 Alaska DC-6  $29.95 GJ974.jpg (173134 bytes)

GJ1906 Alaska ERJ-175
Honoring Those Who Serve livery

GJ527 Alaska L-100 [C-130] $29.95 GJ527.jpg (89167 bytes)

GJ1261 Allegheny CV-580  $33.95

GJ1658 Allegiant A319 2017 livery  $35.95 GJ1658.jpg (153726 bytes)

GJ1777 Allegiant MD-80  $36.95 GJ1777.jpg (473989 bytes)

GJ1832 Alliance F-100  $33.95 GJ1832.jpg (171956 bytes)

GJ1133 American A319 Allegheny Retro $38.95 GJ1133.jpg (187078 bytes)

GJ1864 American A320 $38.95

GJ1850 American A321 $38.95 GJ1850.jpg (182215 bytes)

GJ116 American Bac 1-11 $29.95 GJ116.jpg (57360 bytes)

GJ1802 American 737-800 Polished Retro livery $39.95 GJ1802.jpg (189138 bytes)

GJ1797 American 757-200 $39.95 GJ1797.jpg (503830 bytes)

GJ1866 American 767-300ER reg. N392AN $42.95

GJ1865 American 777-300ER reg. N735AT $48.95 GJ1865.jpg (192841 bytes)

GJ1867 American 787-8 reg. N802AN
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJ941 America West Dash 8  $29.95 GJ941.jpg (113081 bytes)

GJ554 America West 757 "Phoenix Cardinals"  $31.95 GJ554.jpg (65954 bytes)

GJ307 Ariana Afghan $29.95 GJAFG307.jpg (154499 bytes)

GJ837 Arrow Air DC-8-73F $34.95 GJ837.jpg (164780 bytes)

GJ086 ATA 757-200
(American Trans Air)
25th Anniversary
 $31.95 GJATA086.jpg (95302 bytes)

GJ830 ATI DC-8-71F  $34.95 GJ830.jpg (179817 bytes)

GJ280 Austrian A320 Star Alliance  $29.95 GJAUA280.jpg (105373 bytes)

GJ1814 Austrian 777-200ER 60th Anniversary  $49.95  GJ1814.jpg (471023 bytes)

GJ1740 Austrian Fokker 100
Goodbye Fokker
 $34.95 GJ1740.jpg (495597 bytes)

GJ858 Aviacsa 737-300 livery $34.95

GJ1923 Bamboo 787-9
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJ1859 British Airways A319 retro BEA livery $38.95 GJ1859.jpg (195064 bytes)

GJ1786 British Airways A320neo reg. G-TTNA $38.95 GJ1786.jpg (521196 bytes)

GJ1836 British Airways A321neo reg. G-NEOP $39.95 GJ1836.jpg (184367 bytes)

GJ1667 British Airways Concorde reg. G-BOAF $37.95 GJ1667.jpg (391577 bytes)

GJ1858 British Airways 747-400 Negus livery  $52.95 GJ1858.jpg (203755 bytes)

GJ1857 British Airways 747-400 Landor livery  $52.95 GJ1857.jpg (183367 bytes)

GJ1695 British Airways 757-200 Animals & Trees  $39.95 GJ1695.jpg (271477 bytes)

GJ1931 British Airways 787-10
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJCEB4A72 Cebu Pacific ATR-72-600  $34.95 GJCEB4A72.jpg (53472 bytes)

GJ124 China 737-800  $29.95 GJCAL124-737800.jpg (86691 bytes)

GJ1599 China Eastern A320neo  $37.95 GJ1599.jpg (489456 bytes)

GJ1727 China Eastern BAe-146-300  $33.95 GJ1727.jpg (182146 bytes)

GJ1372 China Eastern MD-80  $32.95 GJ1372.jpg (462986 bytes)

GJ1710 China Southern 737 MAX8  $38.95 GJ1710.jpg (556202 bytes)

GJ1070 China Southern 737-500  $31.95 GJ1070.jpg (163491 bytes)

GJ1349 China Southern MD-90  $30.95 GJ1368.jpg (158188 bytes)

JXM120 Continental DC-10-10
A limited 250 edition Jet X Model with plastic wings

GJ117 Continental 757-200
As part of the
St. Maarten Airport 3 PACK Set
including a BWIA 737 & Air Transat A330
 $69.95 GJ117.jpg (67258 bytes)

GJ1820 COPA 737 MAX 9  $38.95 GJ1820.jpg (203713 bytes)

GJ1216 Cubana IL96-300  $48.95 GJ1216.jpg (188296 bytes)

GJ1249 Cubana IL-96M  $38.95

GJ112 Dan Air London HS-748  $34.95

GJ1892 Delta A321 reg. N327DN
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJ1729 Delta A330-300 reg. N823NW  $44.95 GJ1729.jpg (192885 bytes)

GJ1837 Delta A330-900neo reg. N401DZ  $46.95 GJ1837.jpg (173879 bytes)

GJ1724 Delta A350-900 reg. N502DN  $48.95 GJ1724.jpg (495517 bytes)

GJ1805 Delta 737-800 reg. N374DA  $38.95 GJ1804.jpg (198811 bytes)

GJ1807 Delta 737-900ER reg. N899DN  $38.95 GJ1807.jpg (199141 bytes)

GJ1655 Delta 767-300  $41.95 GJ1655.jpg (40025 bytes)

GJ1732 Delta 767-300ER  $43.95 GJ1732.jpg (478433 bytes)

GJ1819 Delta 777-200LR  $47.95 GJ1819.jpg (417315 bytes)

GJ528 Delta L-100 [C-130] $29.95 GJ528.jpg (142401 bytes)

GJ168 Delta MD-11 interim colors  $37.95 GJ168.jpg (107599 bytes)

GJ548 Delta MD-88 widget livery Reg. N956DL  $36.95 GJ548.jpg (189566 bytes)

GJ1798 Delta MD-90 Reg. N904DA  $36.95 GJ1798.jpg (474745 bytes)

GJ1886 DHL 777F  $48.95 GJ1886.jpg (302154 bytes)

GJ164 Egypt Air 707  $31.95 GJMSR164.jpg (112350 bytes)

GJ186 EL AL 707-320B/C  $32.95 GJELY186.jpg (120058 bytes)

GJ1810 EL AL 747-400  $50.95 GJ1810.jpg (483560 bytes)

GJ1270 EL AL 767-300  $44.95 GJ1270.jpg (398566 bytes)

GJ1882 EL AL 787-9
Las Vegas / San Francisco livery
 $48.95 GJ1882.jpg (185026 bytes)

GJ1893 EL AL 787-9
Retro livery

GJ833 Emery DC-8-73F  $35.95 GJ833.jpg (64401 bytes)

GJ1283 Emirates A330-200 reg. A6-EAJ  $35.95 GJ1283.jpg (166827 bytes)

GJ1833 Emirates A380
EXPO 2020 Blue
 $58.95 GJ1833.jpg (193392 bytes)

GJ1815 Emirates A380
EXPO 2020 Orange
 $58.95 GJ1815.jpg (271598 bytes)

GJ1788 Emirates A380
EXPO 2020 Green
 $58.95 GJ1788.jpg (502009 bytes)

GJ1762 Emirates A380 reg. A6-EUG
Real Madrid
 $58.95 GJ1762.jpg (257351 bytes)

GJ1747 Emirates A380 reg. A6-EER
Sheik Zayed
 $58.95 GJ1747.jpg (196187 bytes)

GJ1550 Emirates A380 reg. A6-EEI
Wildlife #1

GJ1551 Emirates A380 reg. A6-EEI
Wildlife #2
 $54.95 GJ1551.jpg (224583 bytes)

GJ1210 Emirates 747-400F reg. N415MC  $45.95 GJ1210a.jpg (138637 bytes)

GJ1875 Emirates 777-9X  $48.95 GJ1875.jpg (189126 bytes)

GJ1662 Emirates 777F reg. A6-EFL
With Love
 $47.95 GJ1662.jpg (393554 bytes)

GJ1286 Emirates 777F reg. A6-EFF  $39.95 GJ1286.jpg (347449 bytes)

GJ1285 Emirates 777-200ER reg. A6-EMI  $47.95 GJ1285.jpg (210729 bytes)

GJ1907 Emirates 777-200LR reg. A6-EWI
EXPO 2020
 $48.95 GJ1907.jpg (288377 bytes)

GJ1352 Emirates 777-200LR reg. A6-EWE  $39.95 GJ1352.jpg (180694 bytes)

GJ1817 Emirates 777-300ER reg. A6-EPU
Green EXPO 2020

GJ1834 Emirates 777-300ER reg. A6-EPK
Blue EXPO 2020
 $48.95 GJ1834.jpg (206789 bytes)

GJ1816 Emirates 777-300ER reg. A6-EPO
Orange EXPO 2020
 $48.95 GJ1816.jpg (502627 bytes)

GJ1761 Emirates 787-10  $48.95 GJ1761.jpg (428438 bytes)

GJ457 Ethiopian 767-300 oc  $34.95 GJETH457.jpg (163747 bytes)

GJ1813 Etihad Cargo A380 Year of Zayed 2018  $58.95 GJ1813.jpg (502763 bytes)

GJ1846 Etihad 787-10 $49.95 GJ1846.jpg (189006 bytes)

GJ1846F Etihad 787-10 Flaps/Slats extended  $52.95 GJ1846F.jpg (185879 bytes) 

GJ1812 Etihad Cargo 777F Sheik Zayed  $49.95 GJ1812.jpg (258395 bytes)

GJ677 Eurowings Bae-146  $29.95 GJ677.jpg (194482 bytes)

GJ1151 Everts Air Cargo DC-6  $29.95 GJ1151.jpg (152000 bytes)

GJ1173 FAA CV-580  $29.95 GJ1173.jpg (355777 bytes)

GJ1854 Fed Ex 737-300 BCF reg. NPTD  $37.95 GJ1854.jpg (171314 bytes)

GJ1818 Fed Ex 757-200F reg. N920FD  $39.95 GJ1818.jpg (188180 bytes)

GJ1919 Fed Ex 777F reg. N887FD  $48.95

GJ1493 Fed Ex MD-11F reg. N625FE  $42.95 GJ1493.jpg (191560 bytes)

GJ1698 Finnair A350-900 Marimekko livery  $47.95 GJ1698.jpg (490377 bytes)

GJ1917 Fiji A350-900  $48.95

GJ1751 Garuda ATR-72  $34.95 GJ1751.jpg (265897 bytes)

GJ1911 Garuda A330-900neo  $48.95

GJ689 Ghana VC-10  $29.95 GJ689.jpg (157914 bytes)

GJ1535 GOL 737-800W  $34.95 GJ1535.jpg (138280 bytes)

GJ1909 Gulf 787-9 70th Anniversary
Lands July 31st - Pre Order Today!!!

GJ1843 Hawaiian A321neo reg. N204HA  $38.95 GJ1843.jpg (206569 bytes)

GJ1789 Hawaiian 717 reg. N490HA  $38.95 GJ1789.jpg (199856 bytes)

GJ361 Hapag Lloyd Express 737-700  $29.95 GJHLF361.jpg (148601 bytes)

GJ203 Hapag Lloyd 737-800  $29.95 GJHLF203.jpg (109882 bytes)

GJ881 Iberia A319 Retro Livery  $30.95 GJ881.jpg (156571 bytes)

GJ1494 Iberia A321  $34.95 GJ1494.jpg (446054 bytes)

GJ1767 Icelandair 737 MAX 8  $38.95 GJ1767.jpg (479286 bytes)

GJ1824 Icelandair 757-300 
100 Years of Independence
 $39.95 GJ1824.jpg (200890 bytes)

GJ1884 Interjet A321neo  $38.95

GJ1703 Interjet A321  $36.95 GJ1703.jpg (471511 bytes)

GJ1646 Iran Air A321  $37.95 GJ1646.jpg (69437 bytes)

GJ1652 Iran Air A330-200  $42.95 GJ1652.jpg (37787 bytes)

GJ1545 jetBlue A320
I Love NY livery
 $35.95 GJ1545.jpg (450815 bytes)

GJ1546 jetBlue A320
Honors Our Veterans livery
 $35.95 GJ1546.jpg (222126 bytes)

GJ1764 JOON A320  $38.95 GJ1764.jpg (534552 bytes)

GJ1765 JOON A340-300  $38.95 GJ1765.jpg (439376 bytes)

GJ1874 KLM A330-200 reg. PH-AOM  $44.95 GJ1874.jpg (197191 bytes)

GJ1827 KLM Cargo 747-400F  $52.95 GJ1827.jpg (478966 bytes)

GJ1592 KLM Cargo 747-400M  $52.95 GJ1592.jpg (195141 bytes)

GJ1901 KLM ERJ-175  $34.95

GJ769 Kuwait Airways Trident 1E  $30.95 GJ769.jpg (145648 bytes)

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