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The perfect gift for any girl who aspires to be a flight attendant ....the flight attendant doll back pack. This gift set includes the 11 1/2 in. flight attendant doll, rolling luggage case or beverage cart and a backpack. Each doll has the individual airline's actual officially licensed uniform.

Item Number Doll Profession Price Photo Order On-Line
DA100 American flight attendant  $17.95 DWTfadollaa.jpg (18045 bytes)

DA200 Delta flight attendant  $17.95  DA200.jpg (65060 bytes)

DA400 Generic flight attendant  $17.95 da400.jpg (111491 bytes)

DA500 N.A.S.A. doll  $17.95 da500.jpg (68777 bytes)

DA950 Southwest flight attendant  $17.95 DA950.jpg (60514 bytes)

DA700 United flight attendant  $17.95 DA700.JPG (136277 bytes)

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Last modified: August 07, 2016